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U-NO-SNOW Standards

Good Snow Removal Operators cary safety equipment in each truck. This list includes: a cell phone, 1 or more first aid kits, flares, spare socks, gloves, an emergency blanket, a high visibility vest, flashlight, shovels, ice scraper and picks, jumper cables, food and water, windshield washer fluid and an appropriate repair kit specific to the blade you are operating.


We Carefully and Accurately keep records during snow removal and de icing arrivals and departures. Accuracy in snow removal and de icing records keeping helps evaluate schedules. They can also be valuable in the case of a lawsuit due to a slip and fall claim or a motor vehicle accident on your property. With our regular snow removal maintenance packages you can rest at easy knowing you have done your due diligence for your snow removal efforts.

Your Residential and Commercial Snow Removal Company:

Our Residential & Commercial contracts is a simple short contract stating when you will remove snow and how much you will charge. They state all liabilities, including insurance, damage, specified time of completion and other specified items that may be stated in the contract.

We look at the property that would be served by the contract. Looking at every possible problem or concern such as obstructions, vehicles to be moved, the area to be plowed and your neighbours around the plowed area, as well as where the snow is to be placed.

U-NO-SNOW has the equipment for any of your contract requirements. Contracts for large areas use large dump plow and Large Box Dump Trucks where necessary.

At U-NO-SNOW the right truck for the right snow is crucial. We understand the amount of snow our plow’s are able to move. We evaluate and deliver equipment specific for each project. Using a pick-up truck on driveways in areas of concern, and matching equipment to property size and snow removal requirements.