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Snow Removal Information:

Snow removal contracts are specific documents created so there are no misunderstandings about the responsibilities of the property owner and the snow removal contractor.

  • Our Contracts outline when and how often the contractor will be on site to remove snow.
  • Our contract also specifies which ice melting products are to be used.
  • The bulk of snow removal is completed using a blade mounted onto a truck, tractor or skid-steer loader.
  • Snow blowers are used in smaller spaces where the truck or skid steer can’t reach, and shovels are used only in the tightest areas or in the case of a light snow fall.
  • Before the snow falls it is important to familiarize ourselves with the site we will be plowing.
  • Note any obstacles that could get in the way or be damaged by the plow.
  • Marking the edges of curbs or unusual configurations in parking lots with flags in the autumn will help operators and save time and reduce accidental property damage during snow clearing.
  • Fire hydrants should be marked buy the owner or Property Manager so they are not buried.
  • Take note of the best places to pile snow. Wherever possible snow should be piled in a low area near a drain.
  • Snow Plowing techniques and why they are used in different situations:
  • Windrowing is used to clear large open areas. The driver makes repeated passes across the area with blade of the plow angled to throw snow forward and off to the side.
  • Backdragging is used when there is significant snow against a  buildings. The blade is placed up to the building, the blade is then lowered and the snow removal system works in reverse, dragging the snow away.
  • Backdragging is less effective but can be necessary.
  • When finished, the cleared area should be checked for icy patches and to make sure fire hydrants are not buried, and that storm drains are clear snow and any other debri.
  • Area to be iced if stated in Contract at time of departure of area cleared.