Edmonton Snow Removal Bylaws

Edmonton Snow Removal Bylaws

Edmonton backtracks on sidewalk snow removal plan
City will continue to fine businesses that flaunt snow removal bylaw
CBC News Posted: Dec 29, 2011 8:04 AM MT Last Updated: Dec 29, 2011 2:49 PM MT

The City of Edmonton says it will continue to fine businesses and commercial properties that ignore snow-covered sidewalks.

On Wednesday the city told CBC News it is conducting a pilot project this winter, where it would not issue tickets to businesses that refused to clear sidewalks.

Issuing the $100 tickets often ended up costing the city more time and money than it was worth, said Kaila Tipton with bylaw enforcement.

Businesses more often than not ignored the fine and then fail to show up in court, she said.

However the bylaw officer is required to attend court.

“If an officer is in court on average for three hours and could be multipe times, it doesn’t cover that $100 ticket,” said Tipton.

Businesses would still pick up the tab when the city hired a contractor to remove the snow, she said.

Now the city said it is only looking at how to work with condo buildings or buildings with multiple businesses, which are hard to fine because each has unit can have a separate owner.

“What we are trying to do is minimize that court time, looking at other possibilities to deal with those situations where there are multiple owners,” said David Aitken, with the city’s Community Standards Branch.

Homeowners will continue to receive tickets if they fail to remove snow from sidewalks.

Under the bylaw, homeowners are given seven days to clear their walks or receive a $100 fine and a cleanup bill, usually another $100.

This year the city has issued nearly 900 notices

to homeowners.

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